March 31, 2009

Swag the Dog: Retro Wares

Give your most loyal partner some swinging swag this spring.

Wear: Funky. Chic. Slick. Dogma London's spiffy retro series of collars are a new attitude. Dogma London has over 200 fresh designs and styles including martingale, buckle and tag collars. Plus cool matching leashes too.

It's not about just a collar and and leash, it's about a personality. Is your pup a Rebel or into Camo? Maybe your pup yearns to be One-of-a-Kind?

Retro series favorites:

Sprocket / Have a Nice Day

Nuclear Winter / Hound Dog

Saturday Night Fever

Fast Freddy in Saturday Night Fever

Decorate: For Mod Art for mod dogs be sure to check out Mod-Dog's fine art prints.

Shop by breed - from Airedale Terriers to Yorkies and everything in between like Boxers, Great Danes, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Whippets.

Pssss...don't miss the Mod-Dog Blog for mod-dog resources like green pets, health+wellness, shopping+style, travel and more!

Play: Tired of tripping over your pups' toys?

The cool and clever Fast Freddy has re-purposed a Chartreuse Retro Bullet Planter as a hip toy chest. Good dog.

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Katie said...

love these planters!!